Blaux Portable AC – Portable Air Cooler And Humidifier


  • Cordless air cooler or a regular fan
  • Works as a humidifier
  • Filters dust particles in the air
  • Completely portable

Enhance your indoor experience this summer with Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC is the perfect desk buddy during hot days at home or at the office. It’s a rechargeable air conditioning unit designed to be compact, portable, and powerful. Equipped with replaceable water curtains, Blaux Portable AC can filter dust particles and double as a humidifier. It also has 3 fan speeds to suit every need, mood lightning, and can operate with minimal noise.

Hot summer weather is a great excuse to have fun outdoors. But unless your home is equipped with air conditioning, the dog days of summer will feel quite unbearable once you’re back inside. It is the rechargeable desktop air cooler and humidifier for long-lasting relief during the hottest days. Cordless, compact, and lightweight, it goes where you go to sustain the perfect temperature.

Blaux Portable AC – Portable Air Cooler And Humidifier

Blaux Portable AC features:

  • Portable – The included Type-C charging cable allows you to stay powered up wherever you go. Travel from room to room or take it with you on your next road trip using the attached carrying handle.
  • Adjustable – The clean, modern design is well suited for any room. With 3 fan speeds and a variable louver for directing airflow, you can always optimize the cooling to your personal preference.
  • Simple to use – With easy top-fill pouring and cordless operation, the Blaux Portable AC is designed to make your life easier. No re-fill tank to worry about, just pour the water directly into the unit for pleasant, humidified air.

The easiest way to deal with excess heat and dry summer air

Whether you’re looking for a break from the sun or you prefer cooler temperatures while sleeping, it lets you control the conditions for improved work, leisure, and relaxation. Unlike traditional fans and air conditioning units, it adds moisture to the air to prevent your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out and becoming irritated.

The Blaux Portable AC Filters the Air Pollen, dust, and who knows what else is all floating around in the indoor air. And the indoor pollution only gets worse when you’re inside all the time. Even particles from your clothes and hair get into the air. The BLAUX PORTABLE AC has a changeable, efficient Water Curtain to trap all these particles before they get blown on YOU.

Benefits of Blaux Portable AC:

  • Use it as a cordless air cooler or a regular fan
  • Works as a humidifier
  • Filters dust particles in the air
  • Simple to use
  • Completely portable
  • Cord-free operation

How to use Blaux Portable AC

  1. Add water. Simply pour it directly into the top of the unit.
  2. Insert the replaceable water curtain. Each one lasts approximately 6-8 months.
  3. Turn it on. You won’t have to wait long for refreshing relief.

Frequently asked questions about Blaux Portable AC

Is the Blaux Portable AC noisy?

No, it is very quiet.

How does the Blaux Portable AC purify the air?

It uses a water curtain to filter dust particles in the air.

Does the Blaux Portable AC use a lot of electricity?

No, it runs highly efficiently using evaporation technology that removes heat and produces cool air.

Can I buy this product in store?

Blaux Portable AC is only available online and supplies are limited.

Can I leave this product on at night?

Yes, the Blaux Portable AC unit can run while you sleep to keep you cool.

How do I set up this product?

It’s easy, all you need to do is plug it in. It ships with an easy-to-understand user guide with care instructions for ease of use.


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