Xtreme Band – Best Sports Smart Band


  • Keep track of various health metrics – Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure or oxygen levels.
  • Set fitness goals – Count your steps and your daily performance during workouts.
  • Improve your sleep quality – Maintain a healthy sleep routine with the sleep tracking setting.
  • Suitable for many activities – Cycling, running, table tennis and more.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life – 120mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Call and SMS notifications – Sync with your smartphone and stay updated everywhere
  • Waterproof and durable – You can use it even when doing extreme sports

Xtreme Band is one such fitness band that can fulfil all your expectations from an activity tracker fitness band. Currently the band is offering Flat 50% Off on your first purchase. We will discuss more about this device so that you get a clearer picture of the same.

Features of Xtreme Band Bracelet [Xtreme Band Review]

In this Xtreme Band Review, Let’s take a look at the features of this Smart Wristband.

  • Durable design – Xtreme Band is made out of durable, high-grade flexible materials that can withstand extreme exercise drills and impact. It also has different sports tracking modes.
  • Long-Lasting Battery – The battery used in the making of Xtreme Band are of very high-quality, as it takes only 2 hours to completely charge and will last you for 24 to 26 hours.
  • Health Tracker – It has all the functions of the usual health monitoring bracelets, like blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep tracks, etc.
  • Compatibility – Xtreme Band is compatible with any smart phone. It performs all the functions of control of telephone, camera, receives messages, just like any other smart wristband. It also comes in 6 bright and well-designed colors.
  • Water Resistant – Xtreme Band has a high-degree of resistance to water. This means that this smart wristband can withstand excessive sweating and, can be used while jogging under the rain, without taking an damage.
  • Comfortable – Xtreme Band is one of the finest fitness tracker on the market today, it fits perfectly to any wrist with zero discomfort, and is barely noticeable when exercising or playing sports.

How Does the Xtreme Band Work? [Xtreme Band Review]

This wrist band works in a simple way, just charge it like any other electronic device. Xtreme Band is laced with equipment that can track your steps, calorie count, blood pressure and other details, just by staying in contact with your wrist. It also functions like a regular wristwatch in telling time, date and so on.

How to use Xtreme Band?

Simply tie it on your wrist, then switch on the device. You can now set the limits, that is if you wish to. Remember to charge it once it’s dead.

Specifications of Xtreme Band

  • Its design is compact, elegant and stylish.
  • It measures blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleep tracks.
  • It also has a fashion valve and can be worn for all occasions.
  • It comes with different sport modes suited for all kinds of athletes.
  • Xtreme Band is designed to keep track of fitness for active people.

Benefits of Xtreme Band

  • You can measure your blood pressure and oxygen with this device.
  • It helps you keep track of your fitness level.
  • It can help you plan a workout schedule to suit your need.
  • Xtreme Band is affordable and priced reasonably.
  • Simple design, lightweight and portable.


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